Terrain Awareness and Warning System SRPPZ-2000

SRPPZ-2000 is designed in accordance with ICAO requirements for opportune warning of crew about getting into a situation, the development of which can lead to unpremeditated crash of airplane in the ground or water surface or artificial obstacle.

SRPPZ-2000 gives the crew the needed graphical information, voice massages and light signaling about detecting the situation, which can be potentially dangerous for the aircraft.

SRPPZ-2000 uses the danger criteria and zone of signalization actuation, formed in specific way, giving the crew enough time to fulfill the maneuver and to take the airplane out from existing situation and simultaneously to minimize the quantity of pseudo-false signalizations by proper execution by pilots of take off and landing procedures and generally accepted pilotage practices.

SRPPZ-2000 uses specific characteristics of those types of airplanes on which it is installed while forming zones of signal actuation (speed characteristics, characteristics of maneuverability), for decreasing the quantity of pseudo-false signalizations.

SRPPZ-2000 is constructed on the basis of scheme solutions, which provide the ability of coupling with digital and analog equipment for different types of airplanes without additional adjusting blocks.

SRPPZ-2000 can be delivered with 3 inch indication device for installation on airplanes, which not equipped with means for presentation of graphical information.

SRPPZ-2000 can be configured for specific type of airplane during onboard installation with the help of program pins.

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