Updating of SRPPZ-2000 databases

Obstacle and airport databases are subject to periodic updating. Terrain database can be updated in extraordinary cases on what all Airlines will be preliminary notified. The information about necessity of updating the terrain database is also announced on this web-site. Taking into account big size of terrain file, their updating, besides Internet, can be made on the base of "UkrNIIRA" or by CD-ROM with file of updating, which can be received at "UkrNIIRA". To be able to update the databases, the Airline (the owner of device SRPPZ-2000) should sign the contract on updating with Ukrainian Research and Development Institute of Radio Equipment. After money transfer for updating on account of "UkrNIIRA" the Operator receives an activation code for registration on the web-site. During the registration the Operator have to choose any name (login) and password to be able to download the files of data updating to the computer. When updating files are downloaded, the Operator can update SRPPZ-2000 databases either directly on aircraft board, or in laboratory conditions. In the latter case it is necessary to take a device off the plane, then to update the databases in laboratory and reinstall it on board. More detailed the processes of registration and updating are described below.


Make left mouse button click on word "Registration" in the right top corner of basic window:

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In the new window enter the activation code, received from "UkrNIIRA", keeping the keyboard register (conformity of lower-case and capital letters). To correct badly entered code, click the button "Reset" before clicking "Submit", and enter the correct code. Click the button "Submit":

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On the new page enter your login and password, which you can chose yourself, repeat the password in the next line and click "Enter" (Attention! For login and password use only numbers and Roman letters. Remember, that login and password are case sensitive, the same does activation code):

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If such login and password already exist in the system of updating, although that is improbable, you will be proposed to choose others. If all is done correctly, you get access to databases. updating, what is testified with the following message:

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With left mouse button click on this message. In the new window enter your login and password and start directly to download the updating files on your computer.


If you are already registered, which means that you have chosen login and password, click with left mouse button on the inscription "Enter":

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You probably can see a window with data about the certificate of safety system. In that case press the button "YES". In new window enter your login, password and press "ОК". On the opened page choose the inscription "Download":

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On the new page select necessary operation (in this example the download of file for airport database update is selected):

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In the opened viewing window select a directory to download the necessary database. To make further use more convenient, it is better to create a separate folder for SRPPZ-2000. Download the necessary files in the created folder. Extract the downloaded files from archive. For this purpose click with right mouse button on the downloaded archive file and select the operation: "Extract to ...". The download of files for updating of obstacle, terrain databases, and drivers is performed in the same way.

There should be 2 files in the extracted folder: file with "*.exe" extension and data file "*.dat". Store both files in one folder. It will simplify the further work to you. In the extracted drivers folder should be 2 folders with drivers for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. The file of terrain databases updating will be downloaded only after reception of special notice.

Downloading the database files in the product SRPPZ-2000


Connect the USB-port of a computer to USB-port of the device using standard USB cable such as "Plug A on plug B". Windows OS can demand driver installation.

Driver installation

Driver installation for this computer is made in case of need only once. On the first plug-in of the device, Windows OS defines the necessity of driver installation. In this case the following message will appear on the screen. It is quite possible, that the required driver is already installed on your computer. In that case Windows OS will find it, and there will be no need to install it. Otherwise, Windows OS will request a driver file. Click the button "Browse" and in new viewing window specify a file, downloaded from our site during the operation "Download driver file" (see above).

Press the button "OK", and Windows OS will install the driver in the necessary place. To be sure, that the driver is installed correctly, with right mouse button click on the icon "My computer" on your desktop. In the appeared context menu with the left mouse button click on "Properties" section and in the appeared window choose the inlay "Hardware". Press the button "Hardware manager". In the appeared window open the position "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and make sure that "UkrNIIRA USB Device" is available among other devices.

Recording the database files in the device SRPPZ-2000

Open the folder, received by downloading of files for airports database updating (see above the section "Updating"). Start the recording program; by double click with left mouse button on exe-file in this folder. If you have correctly connected the device to your computer, the name of the file to be recorded will be requested in the new viewing window. After selecting the file and clicking on the button "Open", the program will start to write down the specified file in the memory of SRPPZ-2000. In case of successful download, the program informs about the end of the process.

Click the button "OK". Updating of airports database in SRPPZ-2000 memory is finished. Obstacles and terrain databases are updated similarly. The last one - only after reception of special notice.

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